Bubblegum Crisis 2040 OST's

Here's the list of the OST cd's that are available. I know there's a lot of them, so I'll list more when ever I find out about them. They'll usually run for 20 to 30 bucks. That is a bit for a CD but the music makes more than up for it for the price. They're a good mix of techno and JPOP, and with the usual electric guitars. They also have numerous sung by Priss herself, supreme coolness...(yeah, I'm a surfer boy)

1.Hurricane Tonight
2.Rain - Piano Version
3.You're in the battle field - Edited
4.Planet inside of the Tunnel - Another Mix
5.Rebel Asia - Edited
6.Y'know - Midnight Step
7.Waiting for You - Featuring Rio Natsuki
8.Heat in beat - Edited
9.Want to indulge in abrupt love - Piano Version
10.River Flows - Strings Expansion
11.Blue confusion - featuring Yuu Asakawa
12.Bug list - Take2
13.No Justice - Edited
14.Planet inside of the Tunnel - Sweet Feel
16.Eye Catch - Action In
17.Eye Catch - Action Out
18.Waiting for You - TV Edit
19.Y'know - TV Edit

I bought this one and in my honest opinion it's alright. It contains most of the TV versions of the songs and intros and ending songs plus some piano versions of the main songs. The piano songs are awesome and there's few songs sung by new singers instead of Akira. This one is probably for hardcore fans-like me...

1.Waiting for YOU (Re-Tracked)
2.Planet in a Tunnel
4.Bug list
6.Blue confusion
7.Fragment of Winter
8.Waiting for YOU
10.I Want to Drown in your Brusque Love

This album rocks, that about covers it. Suduo Akira is awesome and shows her talent on every song in this album. This basically contains every song sung by Priss in the 2040 series. All the songs are awesome and this album is worth every dollar you'll pay for it. Go buy this-trust me-you'll love it.

This is the only album I haven't bought yet. Anyone else bought this?