Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Episode Guide
Episode Guide
Here's a brief run down of what happens in the series by tape. I'll add more as I get more tapes, and I'll try not to spoil the surprises in each tape as not to spoil the fun for you.

Shadow War
This is the first tape in the series and does basically what any beginning story does, introduce you into the story. You'll see where Linna comes from and her trial to get into the Knight Sabers as well. A good beginning to a great series, what did you expect?

Trial by Fire
This tape has Episodes 4-6, Machine Head, Rough and Ready, and Get It On. This tape mostly deals with the team adjusting with Linna's appearence and Linna discovring what it's like being a Knight Saber. Also the A.D. Police try to capture and destroy the Knight Sabers by setting up a boomer rampage. Also an old suit comes back into action, all while we learn more about Sylia's dark past. Mackey also shows up in the series here, a flippin' genius if you ask me.

Metal Storm
The third tape in the series has two episodes, Look At Yourself and Fireball. The first episode really doesn't deal with the team, but more about a relationship gone bad and the boomer caught in the middle. A really sad story, the ending really is heart-breaking. The second episode starts off with the Leon and Priss relationship, Leon tries his best to get her attention but fails, quite badly. Then a boomer runs amock and Priss gets a new bike to deal with the new boomer courtesy of Mackey and Nigel.

The fourth tape again has only two episodes (bummer, huh?), My Nation Underground and Woke Up With A Monster. The story on this tape continues for both episodes as everyone is on the search for a biological monster that's been terrorizing the Neo Tokyo City sewers. This monster also proves to be the toughest opponent the Knight Sabers have ever faced. Then as Nene has proved to be more extra weight rather than a real team member, Priss and Sylia are thinking about kicking her off the team. So Nene has to prove herself and quickly.

Heart Breaker
This tape contains two episodes, Sheer Heart Attack and Made in Japan. This tape's story really unfolds through both episodes so I'll sum them both up together. Linna takes a vacation away frm the city to go stay with her parents fo a day or two. There her parents set her up with a guy who turns out to be just the man she wants. But back in Tokyo a huge, I mean HUGE boomer goes haywire and Priss is the only one who can fight it, but what hope will she stand against a 80 foot tall boomer? Linna has to make a choice the life she thought she wanted, her friends and Tokyo or love...?
On a side note the boomer here is probably the coolest looking boomer so far and the new box art for the tape really cool too.