Welcome Traveler

Well, you somehow managed to hit my page. You either accidently came here, or I told you too, or maybe God sent a message to you...or maybe not. This my page, a personal page, so some of you might be offended by what I say, deal with it. In case you wondering some parts of the page have offensive material, the warning is so some people don't have a heart attack then their family sues me for murder. You see what I mean? Well then, I'm Ninjaboy, and I'm proud to present to you my page of...stuff. My page has techno mp3's, BGC 2040 stuff and anything else I think is cool. You know it is my page after all. If you like Hanson, leave NOW. Sorry, but I don't like Hanson and I bash them quite a bit in this page. Now then, enjoy my page if you're still here to look at it.
P.S. Isn't Lain cute? She's the girl in the left pic, I wish I had a sister like her, just so I could show her off, "Hey look how cute my sis is!"

The Page

-a brief run-down of my page
Home-Well you're in it...duh

BGC 2040-All the stuff about BGC 2040 you'd ever wanna know...and then some. That section used to be my old site, but I decided to expand. What fun, don't you think?

Tekno-My favorite music, mp3's and stuff on BT, the masta of trance

Self-Stuff about me, heh heh, now you can hate me even more...well I don't if you'd hate me but then again who knows. I really should stop typing in massive run-ons shouldn't I?

Junk-Junk I think is rad, thas all.


-assuming you want to contact me...
AOL Screen name-samus45
ICQ-I'm the only person in the world that doesn't have this...sorry

Now some rules to live by!
1.Trust in God and yourself, no one else is dependable.
2.Think for yourself, don't let others think for you. Thats why God gave you a mind.
3.Talk crap, just make sure you can back it up.
4.Drugs suck.
5.Respect is earned, not expected.