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Welcome to my page is the massive web universe. This page is dedicated to one of the best animes ever made, Bubblegum Crisis 2040. So if you don't like anime or BGC 2040 you should probably leave now.
There aren't many BGC 2040 pages out there so I built one with all the information and pictures I could find on the series. This series was T.V. series in Japan and is being brought over to the U.S. tape by tape. They are currently on tape 7, and up to episode 17 or 18. In a short summary this series is all about girls in power armor kicking the crap out of insane androids and the tensions that follow. Later.

GAwd.....Texas sucks, there's nothing to do here. Goody more time for the page! I am two videos behind on the episode summaries,plus the series is getting better as it draws to the final conclusion. I'm going to try to freshen up the page, so enjoy your stay.


Here's a breif summary of how the page breaks down. Just to help you out a little more.
HOME-Well, your in it...
INFO-All the important information regarding the series, such as the episodes, characters and history of the BGC universe.
Images-Pictures and even more pictures, I haven't updated this section in awhile. Gotta do that...
MEDIA-The FUN stuff, such as Music and wallpapers t help freshen' up your day.
LINKS-Other placesto check while you're online.
EMAIL-Email if you want say anything to me like how much my site sucks or how cool it is. Y'know, that type of stuff.

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 is property of JVC/AIC and ADV films, I take no credit for any of these designs, characters blah blah blah blah basically they own it, I don't, got it?

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