The time is 2040, the place is Tokyo, newly rebuilt after a massive catastrophe nearly destroyed all of it. The extremly successful campaign to rebuilt was possible due to the help of boomers, robotic androids which follow human orders. Boomers are manufactured and sold by the Genom corporation, not much is known about them except everything surrounding the boomers is kept under tight wraps. Lately though numerous boomers have gone out of control and morph into horrible creatures that totally ravage anything in their way. A special division of police called the A.D. police is assighned to contain these outbursts of Boomers but they are nearly worthless when fighting psychotic Boomers. In result a small band of vIgilantes called the Knight Sabers rose up and takes out the Boomers with their technologically advanced hard suits. The Knight Sabers are silent as they are deadly, and the A.D. Police isn't really fond of them either.

I will add more soon, I promise.