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Hanzo Hattori
Style-Iga-Ryuu Ninjustu
Weapon-Ninjatou Daiou
This man is the epitome of the ninja, no one else is even close to him in terms of speed, skill, and sheer ability. He's been around since the Samurtai Showdown I and even appears in the new 3-D games. I've always liked him, the dark appeal he's had and the crimson red scarf flying in the wind was and always will be cool. I guess his charisma has always gotten me to notice him. Unlike the rest of the fighters he's always gone, alone and solitary. Thats a lifestyle I've lived before and still do often. He doesn't depend n people, only on himself also a quality I have. Before I get too emotional about this, his attacks also speak for themselves, a powerful and annoying fireblast plus tons of illusion movements. Plus, he also throws shruikens like hotcakes.
"He doesn't know about it, but the way of Shinobi is darkness"
"It's the time to disappear in the darkness"

Special Techniques
Ninjutsu Blazing Dragon-QCB S
Ninjutsu Shadow Split-fw HCF A or B
Ninjutsu heaven dance-HCB AC
Ninjutsu Earth slash-HCB BD
Ninjutsu God [heaven dance]-during damage AC
Ninjutsu Ghost[Earth slash]-during damage BD
Reppu Shiriken-Jump QCF S
Mozu Drop-near DP S
Mozu Drop -kaede-(beech)-during run , near DP S
Air turn attack-In air, near dn + C
Super Attack
Seal. MicroDust Hidden-bk,fw,dn AB
Ninjutsu Blazing Dragon-QCB S
Ninjutsu Shadow Split-fw HCF A or B
Ninjutsu Blazing Microdust-near DP S
Ninjutsu Silent Sound-dn dn S
Ninjutsu Monkey dance-RDP any button
Reppu Shiriken-Jump QCF S
Air turn attack-In air, near dn + C
Super Attack
Sealing Poison Dragon-bk,fw,dn AB
Hanzo Hattori Pcs
Hanzo 1
Hanzo 2

Kazuki Kazama
Fighting Style-Kazama Ryu Ninjutsu
Weapon-Ninjatou Taichi
A fury bound ninja with fighting ability burning like a wildfire but a gentle warm heart. At first glance Kazuki may seem like a uncontrollable hell bent warrior but he's actually a nice person. His brother on the other hand is a cold, ruthless human being who is bent on killing his brother, Kazuki. I like Kazuki mainly because of his lifestyle, I have a brother and I know what tensions can arise from it. Also the way he fights, without regard for what others think he fights for what he beleives is right. Even against his own clan and his brother's hate he left to go save his sister. Kazuki is in a sense a lone flame in a world of darkness.
"The exciting fight, either the result is win or lose, the feeling is always good"

Special Techniques
Redhot soul-QCF any button
Big explosion-DP any button
Devastating Flame-QCB any button
Banishing Flame-RDP any button
Flame Return-during knockdown , A+C
Super attack
Bizzare Explosion Fire attack bk,fw,dn AB
Fools' multikick-DP+button,then bk+button,then fw+button
Blazing Fire of 6 element planes :
Way of Hell-QCF A ,
Way of Hunger Ghost-then QCF B,
Way of Heaven-then QCF C .
Banishing Flame-RDP any button
Super attack
Evil flame awakening-bk,fw,dn Ab (press ABCD to cancel)
Kazuki 1
The Brothers

NOTE-Credits-Some personal information abut these two was taken from DenjinHiryuu's FAQ at Gamefaqs.com. It came from the Character Bio faq, so that's where the personal info came. I didn't do any of the pictures nor do I take credit for them. Some of them are collages made by people on the net, I don't know there names but they get credit for them. Hope that covers it all so I get sued up the @$$...


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