My Tripod Page
Angel Eyes
The best Ayanami Rei site on the web, everything about that dear sweetheart from EVA can easily be found here and more, owned by Jupe.

Anime Web Turnpike
The biggest resource on the web for finding any site on any anime ever made. A really great place to find stuff and post your links there too.

Capcom's homepage
com'on these guyz are the best video game publishers on earth, they rule.

ADV's Homepage.
they have a full catalog on their releases and other cool stuff. These guys sell the best anime out there, they even sell BGC so that makes them the best.

The Perils of Nene-Chan
A web page dedicated completely to Nene, but I'll be honest I hate Nene, I really do. But then people somehow love her, I don't get it, if you do then go here.

Sarchasm's Page
This page is owned by a guy whose at the Angel Eyes board, he's a really cool fellow. his page is nice andh as a couple cool thingies to download. I like it a lot.

Ianna has a really cool looking page on BGC and she has lotsa of mp3's for download. Her page looks really cool and she's part of the Knights of the Round Ring, like me! Oh Joy!

Kaerra's Sanctuary
This chick has a really cool page with lotsa mp3's on anime and video games for you to download. She even has the whole Priss vocal collection online. I've only used two mp3's from her page, so if you want the rest of the vocal collection go to her page.

This place is pretty cool, they sell clothing and t-shirts of anime goodness. They're also about the ONLY place on the net that I've seen with BGC 2040 t-shirts. One of the best places to get anime related clothing. Check em' out.