Tekno Music

Techno music is currently on the rise in popularity, as it now appears everywhere. In movies, games and at the ever so common raves. DJ's now are being recognized as masters of music and the dans love them as much as rock stars. I too, am a fan of techno. My love for it spawned from Anime and video games. Before I write a book, I'll put mp3's here for you to download and try out. I'll put more as time goes on.

NOTE-By downloading any of these files you are agreeing that these are sampling tracks only and will be deleted off your hard drive in 24 hours. Also, I don't own any of these, I only bought the cds for them.

Never Gonna Come Back Down-BT
China Vox-SF3 OST
Crowded Street-SF3 OST
Spunky-SF3 OST