Me, Myself and Christie

Well you came to the section about me. In case your wondering who Christie is, she's my ex-gf. How it got that way, I won't go into the details since I really think it was stupid point in my life but whatever...(sorry I'm kinda down these days. Getting your heart spliced will do that...)
Who am I?
I'm an 18 year old attending the Art Institute of Dallas. I pay for my own car, I work and I moved to Texas recently so have friends. Cept' for Matt and Ash, luv them to death. Cassie to, but don't get to see her much, she lives in Jacksborough which has a population of about..2. I enjoy going to movies, watching anime, playing arcade fighting games and being alone.

Why Alone?
That way no one can fuck with me or hurt my feelings since so many people have. I'm a solitary person, I grew up that way and I'll probably be that way for the rest of my life.

What do you draw?
I draw anime type stuff, I'll try to get some up on the internet that I don't think are too horrible. But the problem is most of my stuff is drawn on large paper so it's too big for my scanner. The AID(Art Institute of Dallas) has big ol' scanner, maybe I'll go there and do it.
Well speaking of drawing here's a self portrait of me. This picture is actually what I look like, only I'm not that gloomy all the time. I was bummed because I drew this after the chick I luved dumped me, so I guess that more than explains it. Plus my hair is down which is unusual cuz it's usually tied back. Oh and that dot on my forehead is a scar from my dumb-@$$ childhood days. My signature isn't on their because the scanner cut that off...
ME, a self portrait

Why do you like anime?
1.-Animated violence, I'm not going to lie. I enjoy watching some samurai cut a bunch of ninjas into peices then seeing their blood spew all over the place. I'm a guy, did you expect me to say I enjoy it for the storyline? Please, most of the stoires are good but what attracts the viewers is violence. Look at DBZ, crap storyline and art but the violence keeps people hooked.

2.-The Art Style, original and cool. The style of anime is sleek and sometimes sexy in the case of the much hated hentai anime. For those of you that don't know what hentai is, think of animated porno. Fun right? No, actually it's the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Anywayz, back to the question, the art is unlike no other. Plus giant mecha are always cool.

So what's your favorite animes?
Since you asked...
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Serial Experiments Lain
Ranma 1/2
Gundam Wing
BGC 2040
Anything by Masami Obari
And lots of other ones too....

What music do yo like?
Tekno, lots of techno. I like techno because it keeps me calm and helps me relax. Trance is probably my favorite, and my favorite artist is BT. There's stuff about him on the Tekno section. I also like alternative rock, but only so much. I hate one hit wonders that show up in this catergory but then disappear in about a month. I also personally hate that "Story of a girl" song. I hope that singer dies.
Teenie Boppers?-I hope they all rot in hell. Escpecially Hanson, yes especially Hanson. I don't feel like I should explain why but I hope their tour bus goes "mmmmmmmmBOP!" into a tree...

Are you a bastard?
I dunno, I've been called that a lot but I don't think I am. People get mad at me because I say things how they are instead of sugar coating everything to make you feel better.

Do you do drugs?
I used too.

Is it worth it?
No, not even by a long shot. Stay away from drugs, kiddies. They get you nowhere, I've seen way too many lives destroyed by drugs.

Why ninjaboy?
I dunno it sorta popped into my mind one day and I've kept it along my other name, cyberninja25.

Are you obsessed with ninjas?
Maybe, I just like em' alot. Better than getting wet over a trio of fags who sing gay songs.

Anything else we should know about you?
Not really...I think you're freaked out enough...